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F111 Aardvark Datafile #19

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General Dynamics F-111 ‘Aardvark’


SAM Publications splits the skies ….with a brand new 176 page Modellers Data File featuring the iconic ‘swing-wing’ F-111. Building on our established MDF format, this all-new book is packed with concise user-friendly information, is lavishly illustrated with colour and mono images - many of which have been previously unpublished - has an unrivalled bumper section of technical diagrams, airframe details and colour profiles, together with fold-out scale plans, and a dedicated ‘Understanding the Type’ segment featuring each version of the F-111, which is an ideal companion for the dedicated ‘Modelling’ and ‘Kitography’ chapters, where the awesome Aardvark is detailed in all popular scales.  

In this ‘Comprehensive Guide’, acknowledged author Anthony Thornborough delivers just what a ‘Modellers Data File’ is meant to be, an in-depth look at the 562 completed F-111s that flew in all their many guises, focusing on the common and salient differences that existed between seven marks, numerous sub-marks and one-off modifications, along with the variety of standard and one-off acrylic lacquer sprays that adorned its zinc chromate epoxy–primed skin!


This book also corrects any errors of past works, and brings together for the first in one volume the complete F-111 story, from the ‘TFX’ to the types ‘Last Hurrah’, and its nuts-and-bolts delivery conveys the power of the F-111 in service, and gives you the smell of kerosene and grease at your fingertips! For twenty years the F-111 stood on constant alert, went to War in Libya and Iraq, and now you can read the full story of this incredible all-weather attack jet in this superb new MDF volume. 




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