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Combat Edge 1 Harrier

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Combat Edge #1

US Marine Corps AV-8B  

The incomparable AV-8B Harrier is one of the most iconic aircraft to have served with the US Marine Corps. This new book looks at the background of the Harrier in US service, and details the AV-8B, AV-8B Night Attack variant, the radar equipped Harrier II Plus and the TAV-8B two seat trainer. The book looks in at the role of the Harrier in the US Marine Corps, its use in combat from Operation ‘Desert Storm’ to current employments in Afghanistan and beyond. Using top quality photography, walk arounds, in-detail images and colour artwork the Harrier is shown in detail, making this a unique guide to the aircraft for both the enthusiast and the modeller alike.

  • 84 Pages
  • 200mm x 240mm
  • Full Colour
  • £9.99


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