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AIRFIX BUILD & CONVERT part 6 -Aviation Classics Part 1'

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Build and Convert #6
Aviation Classics Part1
Edited by Gary Hatcher

Once again Build & Convert takes a journey through the Scale Aviation archives, this time bringing you a selection of aviation legends in scale, and offering a real cross-section of material from the best-selling magazine. Ranging from the Avro York to the Sopwith Pup, with rotary-winged and civil aviation for good measure, this latest compendium reflects not only the breadth and diversity of the magazine’s contents, but also the eclectic nature of the Airfix catalogue, from which legendary repository the featured kits are drawn.


Rebuilding the Bus
Converting the Lancaster bomber to a York C 1 airliner with CMR’s resin set
By Angus McDonald

Faireys and Light Bombers

A mix of from the box builds and conversions depicting classic British strike aircraft from WWII
Great Bags of String - A New-Tool Fairey Swordfish Mk I
By Dick Clark

A Scratch Conversion in 1/72
By Matt Willis
Valiant Wings - Fairey Battle Corrections
By Paul Bradley


Takes a diminutive Grumman fighter and turns it into one of the XF4F prototypes using basic modelling
skills, forethought and planning, and surprisingly little plastic!
By Brian M. Cooker

‘Dirty Vicar’

A unique iincite into the career of a Boeing 7737-200,
with three 1/144 models showing it in stages of its multi-faceted career
By John Stoke

Kaman UH-2B Seasprite

Seasprite Conversion - Backdating the Airfix SH-2F to a single-engined UH-2B
By Will Alcott

Gryphon Wimpey

Improving Trumpeter’s 1/72 Wellington Mk Ic using aftermarket products
By Wojciech Butrycz

Martin B-57 – a real life Conversion

American Canberra - Building the Airfix B-57 Test Shot in 1/48
By David Francis

Patricia Lynn
The Airfix 1/72 scale Martin RB-57E kit - straight from the box... well almost!
By Ross Marven

‘Your Strutter has had a Pup…’

A Pair of Pups - Two colourful trainers from the venerable Airfix tool
By Dave Hooper

Pups on the Western Front
The diminutive Sopwith scout’s career over the trenches
By Dave Hooper

Seafire 17s.

The long way round and the brand new short cut…
‘Summat for nowt’ - Seafire from the spares box
By Andy Brook

Seventeen Up
Airfix’s New Tool Supermarine Seafire F XVII
By David Francis

Steady as the Rock of Gibraltar

Airfix’s 1/144 Handley Page HP 42 ’Steady as the Rock of Gibraltar ...and almost as fast’
By Neil Piinchbeck with historical notes by Mike Jerram


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